13 Jan 2023

He also indicated that he and you may Gwen are actually dating

Gwen and you may Matteo is the close pairing between Gwen Flores and you will Matteo Silva. They were one another travelers within Go camping Kikiwaka. These were depicted because of the Scarlett Estevez and you may Raphael Alejandro.

Matteo and you can Gwen has an excellent smash on each other. They prefer in order to stargaze with her. Regarding the reveal, he’s developed to “like-like” one another, turning her or him on the becoming a little more than just family relations. Within the Seasons 5, it start dating.

Kikiwaka’s Got Ability

Into the “Kikiwaka’s Got Talent”, Gwen befriends Matteo to the night till the ability inform you. A day later, Matteo hangs out with her and additionally they swimming. Afterwards, Matteo shows Gwen a-dance the guy and Finn created, hence provided Finn and you will Matteo no time to apply the ventriloquism act one to Matteo made a decision to perform since the moving is “as well shameful”. After when Matteo eventually came back, Finn had crazy and left. Gwen yields Matteo’s relationship bracelet, since she didn’t need around Matteo and you can Finn’s friendship. To your nights new ability inform you, Matteo chooses to do the dancing, and you can Finn enlists the assistance of Gwen, restoring the newest relationship. Pursuing the ability reveal, Gwen accepts Matteo’s friendship bracelet right back, along with Finn’s. She after that offers each other Matteo and Finn relationship bracelets.

Drinking water Beneath the Pier

In “H2o Underneath the Dock”, the fresh new Go camping is hosting a rectangular dancing and you can Gwen requires Matteo to-be the lady moving lover. But not, whenever Finn convinces Matteo you to definitely Gwen desires be their partner, Matteo seems shameful and you will starts to avoid the lady. Shortly after particular information off Lou, Gwen dumps Matteo. Yet not, at rectangular dance Lou learns what happened, and you will she concocts a best hookup apps Chula Vista propose to rescue the friendship. In the end, Gwen and Matteo talk something aside and stay relatives.

Lone Wolf

For the “Solitary Wolf”, whenever Matteo won’t shower, even after he already claimed his and Finn’s choice, Gwen informs Matteo the guy odors terrible. Just after, Matteo works regarding, claiming the guy must shower.

Serf’s Upwards-Rising

For the “Serf’s Upwards-Rising”, Gwen calls Matteo a character, and you may Matteo is very pleased. About occurrence, Gwen accompanies Matteo, be it walking on the camp or watching him battle/quest.

Snowfall Cups and you may Fisticuffs

In “Snow Cups and you may Fisticuffs”, Matteo says to Gwen good “father joke”, and you can Gwen sarcastically responses, “You might be going to be a beneficial father someday.” Throughout the entire event, Matteo and you will Gwen is with her, resolving the fresh new puzzle of the forgotten snowfall mug cart. Matteo is the a cop, if you’re Gwen ‘s the bad policeman. When Matteo tears out-of his servings, Gwen says he looked cool.

My Fairy Lady

In “My Fairy Lady”, Gwen finds out a forest trunk area on the tree where she considered good fairy leftover gifts on her and you can vice versa. She informs¬†Matteo concerning fairy, however, he will not accept that a great fairy is really leaving Gwen gifts. Matteo upcoming attempts to confirm that the fairy isn’t really genuine, and you may discovers your “fairy” is really a girl called Willow, just who in addition to considered that you will find an excellent fairy. Whenever Matteo introduces Gwen so you’re able to Willow, the guy explains in order to each other girls one to fairies are not genuine. That severe truth, and smug manner in which Matteo established it, leftover each other girls furious having your. Later on, Matteo apologizes in order to Gwen, and she forgives him. Suddenly, an excited Willow reveals Matteo and you may Gwen exactly what she got receive regarding the trees; a little fairy community. When Matteo states do not have most other cause into sight, Willow and you can Gwen, its trust regarding lifestyle from fairies recovered, talk about brand new enchanting set. When one another women have ended, Matteo suggests he was the person who established the brand new fairy house.

Cluster Pooper

Into the “Cluster Pooper”, Gwen and you will Matteo is actually speaking of going stargazing together with her. Matteo phone calls they a night out together, plus they laugh at each and every almost every other. While stargazing, Gwen quickly abandons Matteo instead factor. Matteo understands that he had chocolate on the back off his pants, in which he worries one Gwen thinks the guy pooped his jeans. She later on implies that she had farted because they had been stargazing, and you will she is embarrassed believing that he read it.

Breaking Barb

When you look at the “Cracking Barb”, whenever Gwen, Matteo, and you may Finn was staying in new woods, Gwen becomes even more troubled when Matteo has actually tape that which you they actually do. Matteo apologizes in order to Gwen getting judging the lady endurance intuition, and you can admits he had been completely wrong, that was very hard to own your doing.

Tentacle Troubles

Inside “Tentacle Issues”, Matteo revealed in this occurrence he and you can Gwen had been buying and selling characters. Matteo plus misses Gwen, just like the he could speak about some thing with her, as they was in fact therefore equivalent.

Crushin’ It

For the “Crushin’ It”, Gwen visits Camp Kikiwaka for the day, and this unexpected situations and you may excites Matteo. They kiss, and you can immediately following people they know hop out these to speak, it mention Gwen’s new lease of life around. Gwen initiate these are Kevin, yet another pal she made, which she says she loves quite definitely. Matteo will get envious, asking Gwen regarding the girl pal. She describes him to be pretty, nice, which have long blond hair, and extremely good at skateboarding. All the while, Matteo seeks very hard in order to cover up his envy. Later on, Matteo asks observe Gwen, and when she will come from the, she finds out he could be wear skater gowns, a blonde wig, which can be today inside fingers off an effective skateboard. While the the guy does not understand how to use it, Matteo happen to bangs this new skateboard up against his feet. Gwen is weirded out by Matteo’s this new appearance and you may identification, becoming confused for the as to why they are acting that way. Matteo tries to attract the girl by the skateboarding, but turns out crashing into cooking area, and this issues Gwen. Actually later on, an alarmed Gwen drops because of the Matteo’s bunk to ask in the event that he could be ok. Matteo confesses he was jealous from exactly how much Gwen liked Kevin, calling him a remarkable young man. Gwen up coming shows Matteo a picture of Kevin, revealing he was a dog. Gwen says to Matteo that regardless if Kevin are a genuine kid, she’d nonetheless including Matteo more. Gwen up coming attempts to take Matteo’s wig out-of, although “wig” wouldn’t be removed, revealing that it’s his real hair.

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