06 Sep 2022

I don’t even comprehend just what term are

C.J. Cregg: Firstly: you will be wrong. Second of all: shut up. Third: We went along to Hoynes together with your material in which he said the guy wasn’t the one who spoke for your requirements and that i believe him and you can he’s most pissed within me and you can he’s right. And you may 4th:

Russian Negotiator Nikolai Ivaerican president likely away from a motor vehicle particularly since the during the a boat bar whilst in testing our leader appears for example.

Agent Simon Donovan: A crowded space where you can now get credentialed and you are clearly right up at podium? No, I’m convinced I am going to be around.

Broker Simon Donovan: [so you can C.J. on her cover] In addition, I can’t ensure something, but to say that if you’re dry, odds are I am also.

President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: You will get secret service safety, however, I can’t buy it if you don’t indication which piece of paper; thus indication it piece of paper.

Chairman Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: [C.J. continues to target so you can Secret-service cover, and you can President Bartlet disrupts] I do not care and attention. I don’t care. You will be section of my children and therefore matter is occurring and you will I just wouldn’t allow they. Sign the latest sheet of paper. Let me make it clear some thing: The last date a person in my personal personnel had a dying risk, they missed him and you can struck me personally https://datingranking.net/fr/rencontres-bbw/.

Leo McGarry: I’m sorry, but can we actually validate paying $800,000 on “Good Bioculutural Way of Girls Intimate Dream and you may Vaginal Stimulation”?

Toby Ziegler: Yeah, however, I think exactly what they are inquiring – Hit ten – I think what he could be asking ‘s, of many almost every other nights, do you believe the newest planet’s planning heck for the a great hula hoop, however, tonight.

Zoey Bartlet: It has been couple of years on White Household, several other as the child from a candidate. Eight age as the Governor. My levels rating written in the new report. My boyfriends have been in the brand new papers. We real time and you may pass away using my parents’ accomplishments and you will failures.

President Josiah Bartlet: Ok. It label you’re going to build that have Chigorin – it is, eg, to own a white House bloopers reel or something like that?

Toby Ziegler: And you have got to wonder, when the nobody on line desires a bit of this, how from the newest prepare have you ever strayed?

Joe Quincy: You realize, I even if I heard exactly what seemed instance gunshots as soon as we was indeed speaking just before, however, I didn’t. [pauses] Did you listen to the fresh new images?

Precisely how ’bout this – I could never state something regarding the my competitors, otherwise some thing on the things – as opposed to saying it myself, right into the digital camera

Josh Lyman: No, however, I heard a metal quintet to tackle “The original Noel,” so i simply thought anybody somewhere was closed and you will loaded.

Joe Quincy: You are sure that, not to possess absolutely nothing, although anybody We correspond with don’t think one to tale, together with some body you’d like usually do not care.

President Josiah Bartlet: [immediately after changing Toby’s message as opposed to advising him] I considered the medial side within one-point, you understand, I half expected to view you future from the me which have good salad shell.

Leo McGarry: There are 2 one thing in the world that you don’t need certainly to help somebody observe how you make ’em – legislation and you can sausages.

Affiliate Matthew Santos: Good Evening. I’m powering having President. While that you don’t see exactly who I’m, We would not be shocked. I’ve been shut out out-of tomorrow night of debate to have suggesting you to definitely it really *be* a topic, and this is the only real post I could pay for. I got in this to alter a reduced school program; to solve entitlements, ’cause they go bankrupt; to expand coverage of health, ’cause it will save money when the fewer some body arrive during the disaster rooms. Exactly what I have discovered is that Presidential tips aren’t regarding these products. These are generally on the clawing the opponent’s sight out, as long as you do not get tagged for it. You do not reach pay attention to a lot of me personally but once you will do, you’ll know We stand by it. I am Matt Santos. Therefore best trust We approved this offer.

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